Why God Allows Human Suffering

Humanity is plagued with terrible suffering of every kind—starvation, disease, poverty, war, natural disasters. Why does God allow pain? If God is all-powerful and loves all humans, why does He not stop the terrible agony billions endure?

28:32 Other Truths
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The Awesome Potential of Man

Prepare to be staggered—stunned beyond belief! Incredible truth has remained hidden—held back—from all humanity for 2,000 years. A deceived world has been kept from knowing the vital missing dimension to resolving mankind’s problems. Scientists, theologians, educators and philosophers have remained ignorant of the truth of why man exists. And yet, this awesome truth—this incredible knowledge—has always been available. But most have not known where to look. Christ came as a newscaster revealing future events—explaining in advance good news for all mankind. This is the astounding story of the true gospel that He brought—and how it involves you!

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Why Man Cannot Solve His Problems More Information  Read Now

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