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After the 1st Dominion—Tribulation, Day of the Lord and the Millennium (Part 8)

After the 1st Dominion ends, many will turn from God’s Way. During this time, Jesus Christ opens the seven seals of Revelation, beginning a period of unprecedented suffering. Part 8 concludes the series, explaining the scope of the last three seals—and identifying who God will protect from what the Bible describes as the worst time ever.

27:59 Bible Prophecy
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America and Britain in Prophecy

All nations are now rushing toward the grand smash conclusion foretold to occur in the “last days.” Humanity plunges ahead—blind, pleasure-crazed and largely detached from important world events occurring daily.

American, British, Canadian and other Western leaders would take action, if they only knew what lies ahead. Great prophetic truths, revealing amazing—indeed astonishing—climactic changes soon to stagger all civilization, go unrecognized.

But Western leaders, with the rest of the world, remain in ignorance—WHY?

Now you can learn what vast millions have not understood!

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